When I'm not working in film, I work as a Landlord to Residential Tenants in the Private Sector.


A few years ago, an article was written on me titled,

"Britain's Coolest Landlord".  


Whilst I would never claim such an accolade, it was an honour to be featured, although from an academic point, I am neither a Stunt Man nor Movie Star as otherwise intimated in the article.

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Following on from the article 'for the record', I no longer head out if Tenants are fearful of Intruders, as my now-wife has advised me of the medical consequences of a one-hit injury.  She was a trauma nurse in neurosurgery for a good number of years. I literally used to head out in a stab vest, carrying a torch; not anymore.


So I now advise tenants to call the police in the event of a crime.


In the meantime, I have a You Tube Channel. If you google,

'youtube landlord rob ho'

my link will pop up.


Finally, an ex-tenant sent me the photo below, which had me laughing, yet was astoundingly accurate.

Spice Girls